Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael Hendrix of Minarex Visits NAU

a few examples of Michael's work- cabochons of pietersite, dinosaur bone, rutilated quarts, chrysophase and agate

Come visit us at the studio Tuesday, the 19th- Michael Hendrix, our favorite lapidary artist will be in with goodies(to sell!) and some tips and tricks for the lapidary worker. His stone cutting is done to perfection- all surfaces highly polished... not to mention the specimens he chooses. Michael carefully selects each mieral he chooses to cut to slab, then narrows each slab to only the best. The results should be seen in person! Here at NAU, many of us choose to emply Michael's work, and many even cut their own stones. Stay tuned for pics of a recent lapidary demo from Tom Yazzie, but be sure to get on your horse and visit Michael- he is in town for one day only! Then he's home to Albuquerque...