Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael Hendrix of Minarex Visits NAU

a few examples of Michael's work- cabochons of pietersite, dinosaur bone, rutilated quarts, chrysophase and agate

Come visit us at the studio Tuesday, the 19th- Michael Hendrix, our favorite lapidary artist will be in with goodies(to sell!) and some tips and tricks for the lapidary worker. His stone cutting is done to perfection- all surfaces highly polished... not to mention the specimens he chooses. Michael carefully selects each mieral he chooses to cut to slab, then narrows each slab to only the best. The results should be seen in person! Here at NAU, many of us choose to emply Michael's work, and many even cut their own stones. Stay tuned for pics of a recent lapidary demo from Tom Yazzie, but be sure to get on your horse and visit Michael- he is in town for one day only! Then he's home to Albuquerque...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

500 Rings Entries are in!

Check out a small sampling of the rings submitted by NAU metals! Today is the postmark deadline, and now the waiting begins. We will hear back from Lark Books and juror Bruce Metcalf in November, and we will have an update for you all with acceptions to the book.
Each artist was allowed to submit three photos with details and statements about the work they were submitting if they chose. Hopefully NAU metlas will be represented in the book due out in Spring 2012. Until then, check out Lark's 500 and 1000 series on Amazon.com, these books are great for collecting and pondering, andare full of inspiration.

Erica Lund

Hannah Walsh

Joe Cornett

Josh Schretenthaler

Victoria Altepeter

Theresa Wallace

Amy Ruebsamen

Monday, March 28, 2011

Etruscan/Roman Chain Demo

Last week the NAU metals crew was lucky enough to watch a demo given by soon to be graduate Staci Darlington. She taught the ins and outs of the ancient technique of fusing and weaving a variety of loop in loop chains.
some of the crew: taking in the tools, materials, and techniques of the process...
triple weave etruscan chain

Thank you Staci!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lark Books 500 Rings Call for Entries

We're gearing up to submit our entries for the new 500 Rings book that Lark Books is publishing! Want an entry form? Follow this link through http://www.larkcrafts.com/ and see what else they are looking for in future books.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Recent Press

Theresa Wallace
Our school paper, The Lumberjack, recently published a story about the Jewelry and Metals emphasis being phased out, and how the students are dealing with the reality of the situation. Read more here, and check out some photos of our crew!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Club Shirt Design

New shirt design fot the metals club! Thank you to Hannah and Christian for the design... can't wait to see it in person! If anyone is interested in a shirt, hoodie or bag, shoot us an email!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cans to Cash

The NAU Metals Club is collecting aluminum to raise money for club adventures, visiting artists, and club project supplies. So far, we have had a generous donation from Stephanie Stinski, and are getting close to our first redemption at the recycling facility. Wish us luck, or help our cause! Anything goes, from bike parts, pie pans, foil, soda cans, take out containers, etc.

Monday, February 28, 2011

32nd Annual Yuma Symposium

The last weekend in February marks the beginning of the Yuma Symposium held in Yuma, Arizona. It is in its 32nd year, and was a blast! Victoria and Matagi went to represent NAU Metals,  here they are at the opening of the Student Show and Pin Auction, which includes more than just pins, and raises money for the symposium; all work is donated by attendees.

At the symposium, attendees are engaged by artist lectures and demonstrations, a pin swap which kicks off the weekend, slide slam, where people can share their work on the big screen of the Yuma Theater, The National Saw, File and Solder relay- trophies for the winners are elaborate and handmade by metalsmiths. This years trophies were made by Jen Wells and Autumn Brown, Helen Shirk, Dale Wedig, and Kristen Beeler.

So much more happens than what is on the schedule! Campers take over the back yard of Tompkins Pottery, where complimentary breakfast is also served, a bloody mary breakfast takes place in honor of one of the symposium's founders, trips to Mexico usually take place- its only a five minute ride to the border.

Don't miss the Yuma Symposium next year! We're counting down the days already...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fit for Royalty

 NAU Metals has been the lucky recipient of a bounty of hand faceted stones, cut and donated by Alan Morgan of Chandler, AZ. Amethyst in a diverse range of color, shape and carat are now in the hands of many happy students!

We thank Alan very much for his generosity and thoughtfulness, and will share images of the lovely gems set into metalwork soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Direct Casting Extravaganza

 Recently, members of the NAU Metals Club took part in a workshop on direct casting methods. We covered tufa casting, bean casting, ceiling tile and cuttlebone casting, as well as water casting. It was a great way to spend a friday... and Josh brought the mayo.

Joe Anglim, getting some bronze ready for the pot of beans.

Hannah Walsh getting ready to bean cast
A tufa mold made by Larry Marek

Larry showed us how to prepare the mold, and talked about other ways native peoples have used tufa: a cure for heartburn was one!

                                                                    cuttlebone casting

Here are the products of water casting. Josh and Joe filled a five gallon bucket with some massive ice blocks from campus and water. Bronze was poured in, and the results were quite large!
                                     These are some of Larry's shibuichi bean castings, top and bottom:

Hannah had been creating chain with her pieces:
                                                                        Unitl next time!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Viola Award Noiminee

Congratulations to Matagi Sorensen, a graduating senior here at NAU Metals-

He has been nominated for a Viola Award under the Emerging Artist category! It is a true honor for him to be nominated for this award. He is in the running with four other emerging artists.

Matagi Sorensen, hollowformed and reticulated pendent, silver, 2010

"The Viola Awards are Flagstaff's Oscars for the arts community. Celebrating excellence in the arts, the Viola Awards recognize artists, educators, organizations and leaders who make positive contributions to the arts in Flagstaff. Over 500 people attend the gala event to celebrate and support these amazing folks. "

Join us in wishing Matagi the best of luck at this gala event in March!

For more information on the Viola Awards, visit Coconino Center for the Arts online.

Recent Work

Over the fall semester, the studio was all buzz with the sound of torches being lit, hammers swinging and flex shafts in constant motion- grinding and polishing to perfection. Check out a small sampling of some of the work created by a few of the students at the NAU metals studio:

 Doris Benally

 Theresa Wallace

Hannah Walsh

Lia Sawalqah

Staci Darlington

Larry Marek

Patrick Burdekin

Ben Alonzo

More to come! Can't wait to see what this semester brings...